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AB 250-2 Container
Over-All Length: 63.7 in.
Body Length: N/A
Body Diameter: 14.7 in.
Wall Thickness: N/A in.
Tail Length: 19.7 in.
Tail Width: 14.7 in.
Total Weight: 221 kg.

Filling: 224 SD 1 bombs, 17 SD 10A bombs, 144 SD 2 bombs.
Fuzing: (79) A; (69) D; 79 B; 69 E

SUSPENSION: Horizontal. Welded to the lower half at the point of balance of the loaded container is a stout metal transverse suspension strip provided with a metal plate tapped with a suspension lug.
COLOR AND MARKINGS: Khaki overall with two red stripes on tail cone:
Stenciled on container for SD 1 bombs:
AB 250-2
224 SD-1
Gew 215 kg
(79) A
(69) D

Stenciled on container for SD 10 A bombs:
AB 250-2
17 SD 10A
(69) E
(89) B

CONSTRUCTION: The body is of mild sheet steel in two longitudinal halves hinged at the tail. It is divided into three compartments; dome-shaped nose compartment, cylindrical central compartment and cone shaped tail compartment. The nose compartment houses the fuze pocket welded to a bracket which, in turn, is welded to the upper half of the container. The two halves of the container are presumably held together by a securing nut and a shear wire which pases through an anvil in the lower half of the fuze pocket. (see illustration).
    The sheet steel tail of four fins, braced by two bars riveted to opposite fins, is welded to both the central cylindircal and cone-shaped tail portions of the container.
    The SD 1 bombs are housed in the central compartment. No packing pieces have been found.
    When the SD 10A bombs are carried, a three plywood or cardboard partition is inserted making two compartments. The front compartment holds eight bombs and the rear nine. The bombs are positioned by a wooden structure placed in the center of the compartments. The odd bomb at the rear is stowed within this structure. Each cluster is held by smll wooden blocks bound by two steel tapes.

All information for this entry were acquired from Army Technical manual TM 9-1985-2/Air Force Technical Order TO 39B-1A-9 GERMAN EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE (Bombs, Fuzes, Rockets, Land Mines, Grenades & Igniters)


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