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B1 Series
(1 kg. & 1.3 kg.) Incendiary Bombs
Over-All Length: 13.54 in.
Body Length: 9.75 in.
Body Diameter: 2.0 in.
Wall Thickness: 3/8 in.
Tail Length: 4.75 in.
Tail Width: 2.0 in.

CONSTRUCTION: The body is a cylindrical alloy casting threaded internally at the nose to receive the fuze holder and fuze. The after body is tapered to receive the sheet metal, three-fined drum-shrouded tail assembly. The 1.3-kg and 1-kg bombs are identical except that the nose of the former is made of steel, while that of the latter is of light alloy.

SUSPENSION: These bombs are carried in a number of different sizes and types of construction.

COLOR AND MARKINGS: The bomb is unpainted magnesium; the tail is dark green. The B1EZA and the B1.3EZA may have a red A stenciled on the nose and probably will have a Z stamped on the body near the tail. The B1EZB and the B1.3EZB may have a red B stenciled on the nose and a Z stamped on the body near the tail.

REMARKS: There are three bombs to each set, as follows:
1. B1E and B1.3E: Fuze ignites an incendiary mixture
2. B1EZA and B1.3EZA: Bomb is identical to 1, but a penthrite filled gaine, threaded into the tail, detonates thermally in about 5 minutes.
3. B1EZB and B1.3EZB: These are similar to 1. but a penthrite filled pocket in the nose detonates thermally after about 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

All information for this entry were acquired from Army Technical manual TM 9-1985-2/Air Force Technical Order TO 39B-1A-9 GERMAN EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE (Bombs, Fuzes, Rockets, Land Mines, Grenades & Igniters)


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