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NC 250 S Smoke Bomb
Over-All Length: 5 ft. 3 in.
Body Length: N/A
Body Diameter: 14.5 in.
Wall Thickness: 1/16 in.
Tail Length: 25 in.
Tail Width: 20 in.
Total Weight: N/A
Type Of Filling: Mixture of chlorosulphonic acid (40%) and Sulphur Trioxide (60%).
Weight Of Filling: N/A
Charge/Weight Ratio: N/A
Fuzing: E1AZ (26)

CONSTRUCTION: The NC 250 S is similar in size and construction to the German C 250 (Flam) bomb. The central tube contains a wooden block 20.5 inches long and 4.25 inches in diameter, cardboard disks, and a circular block of TNT 9 inches long and 4.25 inches in diameter. The bomb is fuzed with a E1AZ (26) which has a normal gaine and one picric ring pellet. The fuze operates directly on impact detonating the burster charge of TNT in the central tube. The main filling is scattered to give a large concentration of smoke.

SUSPENSION: Horizontal.

COLOR AND MARKINGS: The body is silver, the tail olive drab. The forward part of the nose, a 3/4 inch stripe part-way back on the nose, and a 1-inch stripe just aft of the suspension lug are painted white. "NC 250 S" is stencilled aft of the second band.

REMARKS: The filling is a corrosive mixture which, when in contact with the air, emits white smoke.

All information for this entry were acquired from Army Technical manual TM 9-1985-2/Air Force Technical Order TO 39B-1A-9 GERMAN EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE (Bombs, Fuzes, Rockets, Land Mines, Grenades & Igniters)


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