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PC 500 RS
PC 500 RS
Over-All Length: 81.75 in.
Body Length: 33 in.
Body Diameter: 11.25 in.
Wall Thickness: N/A
Tail Length: N/A
Tail Width: N/A
Total Weight: 490 kg

Filling: Very pure cast TNT in an aluminum container in the nose. Rest of filling is alternate layers of good and poor quality TNT.
Weight Of Filling: 14 kg.
Charge/Weight Ratio: 3%
Fuzing: Charging Head: (49) A1, (49) B1, (49) B1. Ex.
Pyrotechnic: (49) A11, (49) B11
Impact: (49) A, (49) A111, (49) B111

SUSPENSION: Horizontal.
COLOR AND MARKINGS: NL 6 40. PC 500 RS is stenciled in black on the side of the bomb.

CONSTRUCTION: The rocket container is attached to the base of the bomb by a cylindrical steel distance piece which is threaded internally on both ends--one end threading over the bomb base and the rocket container threading into the other end.
   In the side of the distance piece is filled an electric fuze head marked (49) B1 with charging plungers connecting to (49) B11 and (49) B111 fuzes. Fuze (49) B11 , a pyrotechnic fuze with a delay of 3 seconds is used for igniting the rockets. Fuze (49) B111 is an electrical impact fuze fitted into the base plate of the bomb, giving a fractional delay action to the bomb after striking the target.
   Nineteen rockets are placed in the rocket container. Twelve are 25 5/8 inches long by 2 1/16 inches diameter and seven are 27 5/8 inches long by 2 1/16 inches diameter. Weight of rocket section is 146 kg.

All information for this entry were acquired from Army Technical manual TM 9-1985-2/Air Force Technical Order TO 39B-1A-9 GERMAN EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE (Bombs, Fuzes, Rockets, Land Mines, Grenades & Igniters)


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