The Warbirds Resource Group was formed to provide a starting point for an individual looking to learn about historical military aviation, primarily centered around the World War II era but eventually it will include from the end of World War I to the beginning of the Vietnam War. I hope that these pages will provide you with the information you are looking for or at least be able to point you in the right direction.

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April 2017:

REG - A-7 Corsair II/Bu. 154554 - Update
REG - A-7 Corsair II/69-6188 - Update
  REG - F-8 Crusader/Bu. 146931 - Update
REG - C-119 Flying Boxcar/51-8070 - Update

March 2017:

BARC - Supermarine Seagull - New
REG - A-4 Skyhawk/Bu. 137826 - Update
REG - B-17 Flying Fortress/44-8543 - Update
REG - F-100 Super Sabre/54-2299 - New
REG - F-104 Starfighter/57-0915 - Update
REG - F-105 Thunderchief/62-4416 - Update
REG - P-3 Orion/Bu. 136663 - Update
REG - S-2 Tracker/Bu. 136663 - Update
  REG - S-2 Tracker/Bu. 149265 - Update
REG - UH-1 Iroquois/65-9649 - New
REG - UH-1 Iroquois/66-16137 - New
REG - UH-1 Iroquois/67-17725 - Update
REG - UH-1 Iroquois/69-15865 - New
REG - UH-1 Iroquois/70-16370 - New
REG - UH-60 Blackhawk/78-23007 - New
REG - UH-60 Blackhawk/79-23278 - New


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Skyraiders over Gabon


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