Welcome to the Drop Ordnance Section of the Luftwaffe Resource Center. This section covers the wide variety of free fall bombs and torpedoes used by the Luftwaffe during WWII. Glide bombs, rockets and missiles will be dealt with in a seperate section.

Armor Piercing/Anti-Armor Bombs
PC 500 Anti-Armor
PC 1000 Anti-Armor
PC 1400 Fritz Anti-Armor
PC 1600 Anti-Armor
PD 500 Armor Piercing
PD 1000 Armor Piercing
SB 1000
SB 1000 Parachute
SB 2500

Rocket Assisted Armor Piercing Bombs
Introduction Description of type
PC 500 RS Rocket Assisted AP
PC 1000 RS Rocket Assisted AP
PC 1800 RS Rocket Assisted AP

Semi-Armor Piercing Bombs
SD 1 Fragmentation
SD 2 Fragmentation "Butterfly"
SD 4 HL Hollow Charge
SD 10 Fragmentation
SD 10C Anti-Personnel Bomb
SD 50 Fragmentation
SD 70 Fragmentation
SD 250 Fragmentation
SD 500, SD 500 A and SD 500 E Fragmentation
SD 1000 Fragmentation
SD 1700 Fragmentation

General Purpose Bombs
SC 50 Bi General Purpose
SC 50 Grade I General Purpose
SC 50 Grade II General Purpose
SC 250 General Purpose
SC 500 Grade III General Purpose
SC 1000 General Purpose "Herman"
SC 1200 General Purpose
SC 1800 General Purpose "Satan"
SC 2000 General Purpose
SC 2500 General Purpose

B1 Series (1 kg. & 1.3 kg.) Incendiary
B2EZ Incendiary
B2.2EZ Incendiary
Brand 10 Liquid Filled Incendiary
Brand C50 A High-Intensity Incendiary
Brand C50 B High-Intensity Incendiary
Brand C250 High-Intensity Incendiary
FLAM C250 Liquid Incendiary
FLAM KC250 Liquid Incendiary
FLAM 500 Liquid Incendiary
Sprengbrand C 50 Incendiary Bomb
Strbd C500 Anti-Personel Liquid Incendiary Bomb

Concrete and Converted Bombs
SBe 50 Concrete Fragmentation Bomb
SBe 250 Concrete Fragmentation Bomb
SC 10 Concrete Fragmentation Bomb
SD 15 Converted Projectile Bomb

  Submunition Dispenser/Containers
Introduction Description of type
AB 23 SD 2
AB 24T SD 2 Submunitions Dispenser/Drop Container
AB 36 and BSK 36 Three Sided Container
AB 42 Submunitions Dispenser/Drop Container
AB 70-1
AB 70-3 Submunitions Dispenser/Drop Container
AB 70D1 Submunitions Dispenser/Drop Container
AB 250-1 Submunitions Dispenser/Drop Container
AB 250-2 Submunitions Dispenser/Drop Container
AB 250-3 Submunitions Dispenser/Drop Container
AB 250 KZ Boden Container
AB 500-1 Submunitions Dispenser/Drop Container
AB 500-1B Submunitions Dispenser/Drop Container
AB 500-3A Submunitions Dispenser/Drop Container
AB 1000-2 Submunitions Dispenser
ABB 500 Submunitions Dispenser
BDC 10 Cluster Container
BSB 360, 700 & 1000 Incendiary Bomb Container
Mk 70 LK & Mk BK Flare Container
Mk 250 LK & BK Flair Container
Mk 500 Boden Container
Streubrand C 500 Container

Smoke Bombs, Flares and Markers
NC 50 Smoke Bomb
NC 50 WC ND D/SEE Smoke Bomb
NC 250 S Smoke Bomb

Misc. Bombs
1/2-kg Antipersonnel Parachute Bomb
SD 1 Type Practice Bomb
SD 2 Type Practice Bomb
ZC 10 Concrete Practice Bomb
ZC 50 Concrete Practice Bomb

Misc. Bomb Equipment
Nose Spikes For SC 50 Stabo, SC 70 Stabo, SC 250 Stabo, and SC 500 Stabo
Antirichochet Rings


Introduction to Fuzes - a basic introduction to the overall construction and nomenclature of fuzing systems.
(41) - Mechanical Clockwork
(41)A - Mechanical Clockwork
(3) - Mechanical Nose Impact Fuze
(23)A - Mechanical Tail Impact Fuze
(24) - Mechanical Antibreak-up Fuze
(24)A - Mechanical Antibreak-up Fuze
(A) Electrical Impact Fuse
(5) Electrical Impact Fuse
(15) Electrical Impact Fuse
(25) Electrical Impact Fuse

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